About Us


My husband Alessandro and I have landed in the agricultural world, especially that of wine and oil, coming from a totally different ambiante, poles apart in many ways. We are mechanical engineers and as such we have been both managers of a multinational company operating in the railway sector.

Despite the achievements, we both realized that our work was there and was increasingly moving away from the values and lifestyle that had characterized our families for generations.

It was the need to create something with our hands and our dreams, and above all to regulate our rhythms and times by following "something" bigger than us, like Time and Nature, which brought us to this radical change of life.

When you decide to dedicate yourself to agricultural entrepreneurship, do not limit yourself to simply produce wine and oil, but become part of a living system that changes and evolves, constantly requiring your commitment and your time, and that teaches to be patient and to pay attention and care. Your life becomes a life of dedication to a project to an idea and the plants, whether they are vines or olives, stop being only plants and become creatures, of which you follow life from the field through the cellar, up to the bottle, becoming witnesses of a life process that is renewed every year.

In this perspective of continuity, we have obviously not stopped being engineers, we could not even wanting it, and therefore we have tried and are still trying to integrate these two aspects, following modern vinification and cultivation techniques which we make our personal contribution planning and creating many of the equipment we use both in the field and in the cellar.

What else to add, when you drink our wine, please remember that our company is conducted in first person by the two producers, that everything is done respecting the soil and the environment that surrounds us, that our products are the result of 'vintage, that our oenological contribution will never go beyond the expression of our territory and that inside that bottle there are our choices, our time, our joy and our fatigue in addition to the territory in which we realize all this, therefore every time you drink or taste one of our products, what to say: